In your mouth, there are multiple bands of tissue called frenums that connect the lips and tongue to your mouth. Although these small tissues may seem unimportant, their role is important to the overall health and function of your mouth.

Dr. Bowen and her highly trained team are available to evaluate and treat children and adults who may be concerned about the proper function of their mouth and tongue.

What are the symptoms of an irregular frenum?

If the frenulum is too short, thick, tight, or develops in the wrong place then the movement of the lips and/or tongue can be affected, or the development of the teeth can be altered. If the upper lip frenulum grows between the two front teeth instead of the upper gum then discomfort, gum recession, or an enlarged gap between those teeth can occur. If the frenulum located under the tongue is too large, eating and speaking can be a challenge.

What is a frenectomy?

The good news is, Dr. Bowen uses a Fotona® Laser to perform a minimally-invasive frenectomy for her patients. This best-in-class laser provides patients with a less-invasive frenectomy. That means it is more gentle, relatively painless, bleeds less, and requires minimal time. During the frenectomy, the frenulum, or the connective tissue, is removed, which will restore the health and function of the mouth and gums.

Frenectomy can restore the mouth to proper function and provide patients with a significant improvement in their daily life. Dr. Bowen’s expertise in frenectomy and use of the Fotona® Laser, together provide you with the most advanced treatment with the greatest care.

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