Veneers will give your teeth a cosmetic boost, perfecting their shape, size, and overall appearance. They are created from porcelain and are thin and durable, easily bonded to the surface of the teeth and long-lasting. The results are natural-looking and the procedure is painless.

Why get veneers?

-Create uniformity (fix teeth that are too large or too small)
Whiter smile
-Correct misshapen teeth
-Even out spacing
-Repair chipped or worn teeth

What’s the process like?

We will need to have you in for two visits to complete the process. On your first visit, we will sand and shape your teeth in preparation for the veneer placement. This ensures the veneer will look natural in your mouth and the tooth won’t be too thick. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and select the right color to match your other teeth. When you return for your follow-up visit, we’ll clean your teeth with a special solution so the bond will hold. Cement will fasten the veneer to the tooth and hardened with a beam of light. While you’ll care for your teeth as you normally would, taking precautions to avoid bad habits like chewing on ice will ensure your veneers last for many years.

We’re known for outstanding results.