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Preventive Dentistry

Being proactive about your dental health is the best way to ward off issues that may otherwise come up if not cared for. Waiting until something arises and dealing with the aftermath is unwise and unnecessary. Dr. Bowen and her Colorado Springs team always remind patients that they have the power of prevention and we’re here to help.

Dental Cleanings

Your dental cleaning at the office will get your teeth pearly white, your breath fresh, and your entire smile looking like new. A Registered Dental Hygienist will perform your professional cleaning, which can include a thorough exam and X-rays.

Fluoride Treatment

Preventing tooth decay is vital in terms of keeping teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride has been found to be the most beneficial mineral for keeping decay at bay, whether it’s applied at the dentist’s office or consumed via water or food.

Digital Xrays

Digital X-rays are an important part of your overall dental care. Digital is the latest and most efficient form of X-rays to date for dental offices, making the exposure to radiation much lower and the ability to view the results clearer and easier.

Dental Sealants

Dr. Bowen and team believes strongly that protection means prevention, and dental sealants are a simple way to ward off decay, cavities, and worse problems that could emerge later.

Oral Cancer Exam

Part of a thorough exam is checking for signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Early detection is the key to a swift diagnosis and timely, potentially life-saving treatment.

Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Bowen and the team are fully educated in treating patients from birth through adolescence with dental care catered to the specifics involved for this age range.

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