Your dental cleaning at the office will get your teeth pearly white, your breath fresh, and your entire smile looking like new. A Registered Dental Hygienist will perform your professional cleaning, which includes a thorough exam and X-rays when called for.

What happens during my cleaning?

The Dental Hygienist will remove the calculus (commonly known as tartar) from the surface of your teeth. This is the plaque that has hardened above and below the gum line. Brushing alone won’t remove calculus, so we use dental instruments to dislodge and scrape it away. We’ll also remove the plaque – an invisible and sticky film on the teeth. Made up of saliva, food debris, and bacteria, plaque can cause gum inflammation. You may not notice it, but it’s there and can lead to periodontal disease if not treated. Then, we’ll shine up your teeth with polishing to get rid of stains and any plaque left behind.

What else will be done during my dental exam?

Along with cleaning, the Dental Hygienist will do a comprehensive overall exam to ensure your oral health is up to par. This exam includes:


If we administer X-rays, they will be useful in the detection of tooth decay, bone loss, cysts, or tumors. X-rays also help us check on your roots and the positioning of the teeth.

Oral cancer screenings:

We screen you for any signs of oral cancer by thoroughly examining the face and neck, the entire mouth, throat, etc.

Gum disease evaluation:

To prevent or diagnose periodontal disease, we examine the gums, gumline, and bone around the teeth.

Tooth decay exam:

We carefully check all surfaces of the teeth for signs of decay at any stage. Using special dental instruments we are able to reach those tricky areas bacteria love to hide, to discover any decay and diagnose a treatment if needed.

Check status of restorations:

If you have any fillings, crowns, bridges, etc., the Dental Hygienist will make sure everything is looking as it should be, still strong and secure, in place and in order.

We’re known for outstanding results.