Root Canal Treatment

While the prospect of a root canal sounds scary, it is generally preferred over removing (extracting) a tooth entirely. Root canal treatment is needed when the tooth’s nerve is decayed or infected. The procedure will ultimately save the tooth and protect the surrounding teeth from becoming affected by its absence.

What is the root replaced with?

Once the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth), the nerves, bacteria, and any decay are carefully and completely cleaned away, the empty space is replaced and restored with medicated dental materials. The tooth will feel and function like normal after the procedure.

Will my root canal need to be redone after time has passed?

Most root canal treatments last a lifetime. If a new infection develops, treatment may need to be taken at that time.

How can I tell if I might require root canal treatment?

Symptoms and signs that you’re a candidate include:
-Abscess on the gums
-Cold and heat tooth sensitivity
-Extreme toothache

What happens during root canal treatment?

You will need to see the dentist or a root canal specialist (endodontist) either once or possibly twice to complete the procedure. Your tooth will be numbed and a rubber device will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry. An opening will be made at the top of the tooth and root canal files will be placed inside to remove the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and any evident decay. The cleaned out area will be replaced with a filling – either permanent or temporary. If a temporary filling is placed, the permanent one will be placed at your follow-up visit. The tooth will be fitted for a crown to keep it protected from breakage.

Do I need a root canal treatment?

Our dental team would be happy to discuss this treatment along with other restorative dentistry options with you. Please give us a call at our Colorado Springs dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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